Friday, 17 August 2018

flying free

this is my flying free task.

Movie Narrative

Once upon a time there was a boy named Billy. He went for a run through a haunted street. It was really quiet he felt scared and frightened and then he tripped over a crack and saw something in front of his face it was a suitcase. So he ran as fast as he could and then said hmm. what could it be talking to himself  so he opened the suitcase and he saw a tuxedo, with a gun and knife with blood stains on the gun and tuxedo and knife.

So he called the police and they arrived and saw the suitcase and they took some DNA tests. The next day they got some fingerprints and then the told him where did he founded the suitcase so he then showed them where he funded.      TO BE Continued.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

immersion assembly.

Immersion Assembly

Welcome back! Who is excited for this term? We are going to leap into writing by creating
some exciting recounts about our immersion assembly!
WALT: plan for our writing

When we plan, we need to think about:
  • Who our audience is.
  • How we are going hook this audience in - how are we going to capture their attention
  • in a creative way?
  • How we are going to create a description of the event
  • which makes our audience feel like they were at the event too.
  • How we are going to keep our audience interested as they read.

Step 1: Brainstorm.
What you could include:
  • Descriptive words
  • Ideas for a hook
  • Key things you can remember from the assembly
    • What you enjoyed
    • What made you laugh

Step 2: Plan your own recount (double click on the drawing below).

Step 3: Write your recount!
Transition Words
Past tense
At first…
Once we…
Once I…
At last…
In the end…
You should be telling the audience what has already happened since we have already had Immersion Assembly!

If you can think of any others, use them! This is just to get you started.
When you are ready to post on your blog, use the pictures in our Pav Media Folder.

Start writing here: ON Monday we went to the hall and for a immersion assembly for this
team 1 was playing snap.and team 2 was doing a song on the stage.
when they were finish they did it faster and everybody was sleep.

When team 3 was talking using songs and team 4 was doing crazy music in there car.
At last the amazing team
five blow my mind with their lovely movie when we wore
sing let it go from frozen when the first part of the lion king.The End.

and this is my immersion assembly writing.

immersion assemble.

this is what i did with my plan.